1. What is artificial intelligence and data science course?
Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Programme prepare students with the skills to perform intelligent data analysis which is a key component in numerous real-world applications. During the past ten years, data science has emerged as one of the most high-growth, dynamic, and lucrative careers in technology.

2. Which is the best course in Data Science?
Since data science is such a varied field, it is important to do some basic research and find out which aspects of data science you are interested in. To have a strong background in data science it is recommended that you at least hold a B.Tech in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence as AI and machine learning are the two most rapidly growing spheres in data science

3. What is the eligibility to pursue an undergraduate degree in Artificial Intelligence And Data Science?
To pursue an undergraduate degree in Artificial Intelligence And Data Science you must have qualified 10+2 with Physics, Mathematics, and Chemistry as your primary subjects

4. Is Data Science a good career?
From a return on investment perspective, data science is a well paying industry. As a data scientist you must be prepared for constant challenges and must display an initiative towards upgrading your knowledge regularly. If you have a penchant for mathematics and programming then data science could be the right career for you.

5. Is there a demand for Data Scientists?
Data science is a vast and diverse field that involves components of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and Internet of Things. Due to its diversity, there is a lot of scope in the data science industry with multiple job openings in leading companies across the globe.

6. What are the skills needed to become a Data Scientist?
To become a successful data scientist you need a set of technical skills. With relation to technical skills you must have a bachelor’s or a master’s degree in data science, you must know R programming, Python coding, and you must know how to use the Hadoop platform, and Apache Spark. Besides this, it would be a bonus for you to have knowledge about machine learning and artificial intelligence to gain an edge above your competitors in the job market.

7. What is the average salary that a data scientist earns?
An entry-level data scientist in India can make about Rs. 5,00,000 annually. The average salary for mid-level data scientists is Rs. 11, 00,000 annually. A senior data scientist with 10+ years of experience can make up to Rs. 20, 00,000 annually.

8. Who gets paid more data scientist or machine learning engineer?
ML engineers have slightly higher pay than data scientists, but there are far fewer ML engineers in the field. This is because ML engineers’ official title is often just software engineers. The average for research scientists was surprisingly low

9. How Data Science and AI are related?
Data Science is a comprehensive process that involves pre-processing, analysis, visualization and prediction. On the other hand, AI is the implementation of a predictive model to forecast future events. Data Science comprises of various statistical techniques whereas AI makes use of computer algorithms.

10. Which companies hire graduates in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence?
Many multinational companies and organisations hire graduates in data science and artificial intelligence. Over the last few years, Amazon, Microsoft, Adobe, Uber, Samsung, Intel, Accenture, Facebook, Netflix, and Lenovo have been some of the top recruiters in the data science and artificial arena. Studies show that there is going to be a spurt in the number of jobs in this industry.

11. Why is AI such a hot topic lately?

A lot of things have aligned to make this an exciting time for major advancements in AI.

  • Processing power has improved at an amazing rate — there’s been a trillion-fold increase in performance over the last 60 years
  • The cost of data processing has become more affordable
  • There’s more data that needs to be analysed because businesses are capturing more signals from customer interactions
  • Application of AI has already improved consumer apps significantly — leading to further expectations in making life easier, spurring the need for AI technical knowhow and R&D

12. What are the main challenges with AI Technology?
Let’s think of AI as an iceberg. What you see as a user is just the tip — but beneath the surface lurks a behemoth support system of data scientists and engineers, massive amounts of data, labor-intensive extraction, preparation of the data, and a huge technology infrastructure. It takes a specialized team of data scientists and developers to access the correct data, prepare the data, build the correct models, and then integrate the predictions back into an end-user experience application.

13. What kind of career assistance does AI offer?

  • AI has application in:
  • Automotive Banking
  • Finance
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • Manufacturing
  • Mobile App market
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Retail
  • Sports
  • Telecommunication